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Education Links 
by Gall, Tyler
 1/10/2011 9:54 AM
 Spelling City
 Wacky Web Tales
 ABC Games-Primary
 Kidport-Letters and Pictures
 My Monster Poem Creator
 Word Clouds by ABCya
 Story Starters
 Imagination Prompt Generator
 Write Source-Writing Prompts
 More Story Starters
 Writing Fix
 Power Proofreading
 homonyms, homophones, homographs games
 Help with siting sources
 Learning Verbs online
 AAA Math
 APlus Math
 Cool Math
 Math Dictionary for Kids
 Houghton Mifflin Math
 Create a Graph
 Number Nut
 Poodle Weigh In
 Stop That Creature
 13 Ways of Looking at Half
 Crack Hacker's Safe
 Railroad Repair
 Bang on Time
 Grand Prix Multiplication game
 Numbers in the News
 Albright Knox Art Games
 Inside Art
 Art Detective
 Smithsonian American Art
 Art Attack
 Kids' Art Site created by Mrs. Eisenbeisz
 Crayola Kids
 Google Art Project
 Type Online
 Dance Mat Typing
 Keyboarding Practice Drills Online
 Krazy Keyboarding for Kids
 Typing Web
 Typing Bubbles Game
 Power Typing Tutor
 Free Typing Games
 Typing Test
 Typing Pal
 Primary Thanksgiving Games
 The First Thanksgiving
 Billy Bear 4 Kids
 PBS Kids
 Primary Games
 Cyberbee-Copyright Questions
 Fun Brain
 Enchanted Learning
 Whiz Kids Games
 Search engine for images
 Free audio books
 Google Squared
 Mrs. Renz Website
 Sheppard Software
 President's Council on Fitness, Health
 BAM! Body & Mind
 10 Ways to Get Physical
 Kids Fitness Central
 Sugar Stacks
 Cool Food Kidz
 Kids Health
 American Heart Association
 Longevity Game
 Nutrition Data
 Mayo Clinic
 My Pyramid Blastoff Game
 Science of Study Breaks
 Jan Brett Homepage
 Welcome to Seussville
 Authors & Illustrators on the Web
 Robert Munsch
 Mother Goose
 Shel Silverstein
 Phonics Practice
 MacMillian McGraw Hill
 Book Talks-Quick and Simple
 Scholastic Book Talks & Video Talks
 Bramble Park Zoo
 Henry Doorly Zoo
 Minnesota Zoo
 SanDiego Zoo
 Blue Planet Biome-Plant Index
 Museum of Science
 Franklin Institute for Science Learning
 Canadian Museum of Nature
 Science News
 Meet the Dinosaurs
 Dino Database
 Sue at the Field Museum
 EdHeads-Simple Machines
 Franklin Institute-Simple Machines
 Elements of Simple Machines
 MI Kids-Simple Machines
 Blobs Guide to Electric Circuits
 Electricity Interactive Games
 Kids Astronomy
 Hubble Deep Field Academy
(More Links...)
 Dakota Pathways
 South Dakota State Historical Society
 KidsCorner-Games & Activities About America
 50 States Info
 Know Your States
 The Weekly South Dakotan
 National Park Service
 South Dakota State Flower
 The First Thanksgiving
 GeoNet Game
 Harcourt Social Studies
 The Presidents
 Music Education at Data Dragon
 Recorder Karate
 Music Room Instruments
 Interactive Guide to the Symphony
 Musical Mysteries
 Sounds from the Orchestra
 San Francisco Symphony
 Virtual Keyboard
 Music History
 Classics for Kids
 Science of Music Exploratorium
 free music